About us


MUSIC is the rhyme
ART is the passion
BEAT is our subject

Sudh Swami Rhythm


Music is life itself. To keep this in mind, SSR Music Company is India’s first online studio. AADEYA PATEL founded it in 2017. SSR Music Company, a place where music truly is magical! Our platform is a celebration of the universal language that breaks down barriers and unites people, not just a website.

Our Mission

Our goal at [SSR Music Company] is to provide music lovers of all genres with a lively and welcoming online community. We are here to ignite your passion and introduce you to songs that speak to your soul, whether you are an experienced music enthusiast or you are just beginning to delve into the wide world of melodies. 

Our mission is to be the first choice of each and every musician who is fighting to stay in their music career.

Our mission is to be a supportive friend for each and every talented artist who is doing well but wants a stage or chance to show their skills in front of music lovers and listeners.

Our mission is to empower the entertainment industry to step ahead for those musicians who are losing hope because there are not many options to survive in the entertainment sector.

What Sets Us Apart

SSR Music Company is extremely prepared to handle all your music production and creative audio needs, starting from composing, recording, mixing, and mastering.

ART NEVER DIES: Anyone can sell their art, like lyrics, vocals, music production, mixing and mastering, guitar, tabla, dholak, and voilin, at a good price and can buy all the lovely arts at a very reasonable price.

Wide Range of Musical Styles: Our platform is a reflection of our belief in the power of diversity. We provide a diverse range of musical genres, from modern indie beats to classical symphonies, so there’s something for everyone.

Explore and Rediscover: You can find new musicians, records, and songs by visiting [SSR Music Company]. Discover undiscovered gems and re-discover timeless classics by exploring our artist spotlights or our carefully curated playlists.

Community Center: Since music is about shared experiences, the core of [SSR Music Company] is community. Make connections with other music enthusiasts, exchange your preferred playlists, and participate in conversations about the newest releases or timeless classics.

Empowering Artists: We have a strong commitment to helping artists pursue their artistic goals. Emerging artists can use [SSR Music company] as a platform to present their work, get in front of more people, and prosper in the ever-changing music industry.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our goal is to provide a smooth and entertaining music discovery experience. You can explore the musical world more easily with our website’s interactive features, high-quality audio streaming, and intuitive navigation.
Join the [SSR Music Company] Community
We invite you to become a part of our expanding community, whether you are here because you love rap, Bollywood, hip-hop, or any other genre under the sun. Visit [SSR Music Company]. Let’s share our favorite songs, honor the variety of musical expression, and forge enduring bonds over the sounds that speak to us.

To become the part of SSR MUSIC COMPANY please mail us at join@ssrmusiccompany.com