Refund & Cancelation Policy

Thank you so much for showing interest and purchasing digital musical goods from us. We are here to educate you about our products and refund and cancellation policies.
We deal in digital and musical goods like lyrics, vocals, scripts, and musical services, as well as products like music production, mixing mastering, jingles, music publishing, sound recording, song production, and all kinds of musical services. which is divided into two parts. Product and Service all the products and services on our website are our intellectual property.


What Is Intellectual Property?
Intellectual property is a broad categorical description for the set of intangible assets owned and legally protected by a company or individual from outside use or implementation without consent. An intangible asset is a non-physical asset that a company or person owns.

Types of Intellectual property

      • Patents

      • Copyright

      • Trade mark

      • Franchise

      • Trade secrets

      • Digital assets

      • Artistic work

      • Intangible goods
        And any other if we missed.

    Service : time taking like song making, music, mixing, mastering, publishing, guitar, vocal, jingles.

    Products : no time taking product like lyrics script rap lyrics.

    Whatever you buy, it will be mentioned in its description box that it will be a product or a service.

    Useful points to know about refund & cancellation policy


        1. If you buy any service, we will send you a confirmation email on your registered mail regarding that. If you cancel the order, 50% of the amount will be refunded.
        2. For a full refund, If you have purchased a service and canceled it within 24 hours, then you will get a full refund.
        3. If you have placed an order and the order is fully processed, only delivery is left, then 80% of the amount will be deducted.
        4. If you placed some order and canceled that time then there will be full refund but again if you do so then 10% amount will be deducted.
        5. These above mentioned points are valid only for Services. All these points have nothing to do with the TTP Products.


            • Once the product is purchased, we cannot collect or refund it because this is our intellectual property and we have shared it with you as a product, and anyone can use it even after the return. Therefore, we are not obliged to refund it.
            • Product like any tune sample of any kind of musical instruments and type of lyrics included

          Fill the FORM to proceed your cancelation